Birth Support

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Prenatal Visits

After an initial, no-commitment meeting to decide if I am the Doula for you, I will visit you at least twice to become well-acquainted with you and your family. I will listen carefully to your hopes and dreams for your birth experience.  I will ensure that I can meet any cultural needs you have and  answer any questions.  Together we will draw up your birth plan within a framework of flexibility.

On Call

From two weeks before your due date I will be exclusively on-call to you 24/7. Once you go into labour I will be by your side constantly, supporting and caring for you both physically and emotionally alongside your chosen birth professionals. I will be sensitive to your every need to ensure that your birth experience is positive and joyful.  I will know when to take a step back when necessary.


The Early Days Post-partum

After the birth I will continue to support you at the start of your 'baby moon'. I will assist you with establishing feeding and attend to your needs and comfort. I will help and encourage you as you start your journey to nurture this precious new life.

Post Natal Support

Tiny Feet

Post Natal support

I will be happy to discuss your needs and offer a package of support to suit you.  The needs of each new parent are individual so the help you receive will be tailor-made for you.  I have an extensive and varied range of experience supporting postnatally.



Passionate about helping you to achieve the birth experience you want


Meet Vivien


All About Me

Who I Am

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I am a caring, supportive, non-judgmental person and I would feel privileged to talk to you with a view to helping you navigate your birth experience and/or to caring for you postnatally. I am passionate about supporting you in this exciting and often daunting time.
I am an energetic person enjoying weekly resistance training and squash. I also swim and enjoy hiking.
I bring to the profession 23 years' service supporting families and children in the multicultural community in my Pastoral role as Assistant Headteacher  in a Harrow school. I left this position to follow my heart and become a Doula.
I have made a study of the cultural needs of various communities as part of my final project for the Doula certification. I love learning about different cultures and make it a priority to equip myself with the necessary knowledge and understanding to enable me to support parents and families from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.
I am a mother of triplets and a grandmother of twins so I can offer my experience, encouragement and help to parents of multiples who may find the prospect daunting initially.
I will offer you a minimum of two appointments antenatally  when I would ensure that I got to know you and your family.  I would listen carefully to what is important for you  in your birth experience and take on board your individual hopes and dreams.  I would be happy to accompany you to appointments if you require this. Following this, I will be on call for you, and you alone, for two weeks before your due date until you go into labour and I will then support you, emotionally and practically, in achieving your goals within a framework of flexibility. Once your baby is born (or babies if you are having a multiple birth) I will be with you while you embark on your breastfeeding journey and assist you in the early stages of motherhood.  If you need more support I will arrange this.
I have a wide range of Postnatal experience.  The needs of each new parent are individual so the help you receive will be tailor-made for you.  Past clients would be happy to give a reference.
An initial meeting to see if I am the Doula for you is without any commitment.



Positive Experiences


Naomi Kaplan

Vivien is so patient and caring! She's supported me through all 5 of my children's births (including twins!) and I can't think of anyone I would rather have next to me

“birth is about making mothers-strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner stren




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